WOW! Woman who wears fake eyelashes for her daughter’s birthday wishes hair extensions

This woman in Japan is giving her daughter extensions for her eyelashes, but she also wants to give her kids a good hairstyle and she also hopes to impress them with her “real” eyelashes.

The mother of a 7-year-old girl told The Japan Times that she wears eyelash extensions every day to help her daughter grow up.

She is currently applying the extensions to her daughter, who is a bit taller than her own.

The girl has long lashes and wears them as a way to show off her features.

“She was a very shy child when she was little.

I think she’s just happy to be wearing eyelash- extensions,” the mother said.”

My daughter and I always had an interesting conversation about her.

I was always really impressed by her, and I really love that she is very happy to have extensions.”

The mother added that her daughter likes to take her extensions out to her friends and to play outside.

She also added that she will continue to apply eyelash extension extensions, even if it means having to wear makeup.

She hopes her daughter can grow up to be happy with her extensions, saying, “I want her to be able to have long eyelashes like her parents, and she will look like her dad.”