The world’s most expensive hair extensions are now on sale

The world is awash in hair extensions that cost as much as $1,000.

And with the trend spreading, a few of the most sought-after extensions are set to be on sale.

In a new post on the American Hair Association’s website, The Beauty and Wellness Institute (BWI) announced that it had just added six new hair extensions to its “most expensive hair” section.

The new additions include “Double Twist,” “Double Rope,” “Shaggy,” “Striped,” “Sterling” and “Super” extensions.

All of the new hair extension styles have a price tag of $1.00, according to the BWI.

The “Super-Spike” extension costs $1 more than the “Shrap” and the “Twisted” extension.

The price tag is a tad higher than some of the more popular hair extensions on the market.

For example, “Tangled” is the second-most-expensive hair extension in the world, according the BHA.

That price tag comes in at $1 million.

“Twisty” is also in the $1-million club, according BWI, but is actually more expensive than the other extensions on its list.

The list also includes the “Cute & Cute,” “Sweet & Spicy,” “Crazy & Crazy,” “Twiggy” and more.

Each hair extension comes in two colors and comes with a unique styling formula, but the pricing isn’t the only thing that makes it different.

It also comes in a special case, which is also $1 per hair.

All six of the hair extensions have unique styling options, so it’s easy to tell what they are, according a description on the BWA website.

“It’s not just a hair extension; it’s the hair itself,” said Lisa J. Schoeller, senior director of global marketing for the BWN.

“This product is meant to give you more options for styling and texture.”

The hair extensions also come with their own packaging, which comes with instructions on how to use them.

“We know there are a lot of hair extensions out there, but we know that sometimes you don’t have time to get it right the first time,” Schoell said.

“So we wanted to give people a way to save some money on a hair product that really helps them look their best.”

While the new hairstyles are a bit more expensive, the prices aren’t quite as steep as some of these more expensive hair products.

“Double-Twist” is $1 cheaper than the most expensive “Stripe,” and “Double Ribbon” is more affordable than the second most expensive, “Double Strap.”

The most expensive of the six new hairstyle additions is “Double Sleeve,” which costs $3,600.

That hair extensions is made of a soft cotton material that’s “more flexible than cotton fabric,” according to BWI’s description.

It has two different styles that you can choose from: “Twin Twist” that is $2,800 and “Twelve Twists” that are $2.50 each.

The two hair extensions come in a variety of styles, including “Super Spicy” which costs nearly $3k and “Candy Twist.”

The BWI also announced that the next installment in its “Most Expensive Hair” series is the “Triple Twirl.”

It costs $5,600, but that hair extensions comes in three different styles: “Double Stripe,” “Tunnel Twist,” and the newest addition, “Twine Twirl” which is $3.50.

The most costly hair extension for the most part is “Twined Twist,” which comes in $3K and costs $2K.

The most expensive option is “Triangle Twist,” but the hair extension costs a little more than $1K.

That one has four styles.

The newest hair extensions include “Twinkly Twist” which comes out at $2 per hair, and “Turbulence Twirl,” which is just $2 and is just slightly more expensive.

“Triplex Twist” comes in “Twirly Twist,” “$2 Twirl Twist,” $3 Twirl Twirl and $4 Twirly Twirl.

The hair extensions range in price from $1 to $6.

You can find the rest of the Bwi’s hair extensions at its website.