Indian men use hair extensions to cover hair

Indian men have been experimenting with hair extensions in recent years to help them control their hair and keep it in shape.

The trend has been gaining popularity as it can be seen as a way to control the amount of time spent with their hair, especially during the winter.

According to a report by India Today, hair extensions are being widely used in India, especially in urban areas, to help manage their hair.

Hair extensions can be purchased in India from major online and offline retailers, with some online retailers selling them for as little as Rs. 4,000.

The latest research conducted by Indian-based website, The Hair Insights, showed that the number of Indian men who have been using hair extensions has grown in recent times.

The website also found that the trend is spreading in urban and suburban areas as well.

The report found that in Delhi alone, more than 500,000 men have had extensions.

The number of extensions in the cities of Mumbai and Ahmedabad has more than doubled since 2014, with the number in the capital jumping from 6,300 to 40,000 over the same period.

The rise in hair extensions is being driven by a combination of factors, according to the report.

Men are increasingly concerned about their appearance in the coming months and the fact that they will have to change hairstyles in order to stay attractive to the opposite sex.

The report also showed that in recent weeks, many Indian men were looking for new ways to boost their hair by shaving their head.

While most men do not shave their heads, they have also been experimenting to get rid of the beard that is naturally growing on their heads.