How to Make Your Hair Extensions Look More Realistic

The latest trend in hair extensions is the use of natural hair.

That’s right, natural hair!

The science behind this is fascinating, but it comes with some challenges, including the fact that the strands of hair we’re looking at can have different levels of texture, which means the extension doesn’t necessarily adhere to the shape of your head.

The result is that your hair extensions can look like they’ve been carved from a different species of wood, and in fact, they can look more realistic.

But, the beauty of natural extensions is that they don’t require any cutting or trimming.

Natural hair extensions don’t take up any space, and you can wear them anytime you want.

And with natural hair, there are no worries about hair growth.

Here are the three most common ways you can make natural hair extensions look like the real thing: 1.

Make Your Extensions Stretchy, Plump, and Lacey The most common way to make natural extensions stretchy and plump is to use a hair-extension foam, which is made from waxes and other ingredients that help create a soft, pliable texture.

For some, it can also be made with a hair elastic, which has been specifically designed to stretch naturally, not to bend over like a wig.

In fact, the most popular natural hair foam, Natura Natural Hair Gel, can stretch up to 2 inches.

Some brands even make natural hairs that can stretch to the point of wearing a wig, like Natural Hair, which also makes natural hair hair extensions.


Make your Extensions Pore-Resistant Hair Extensions are made from a gel made of natural fibers.

This gel is applied to the hair using a brush, but you can also use a wet sponge, or even a cotton ball.


Use a Hair Shaper to Apply Your Extensions Hair is a tricky part of creating a natural hair extension.

You need to be able to apply your extensions with the right brush strokes, and they have to be thin enough that they won’t slip through your skin.

A hair cutter can also help you create smooth, straight hair extensions, which will be easier to control.

You can make hair extensions with either a hair cutter or a hair stylist.

And, natural extensions have many advantages over other types of hair extensions: They can stretch with just a brush stroke, and because they are soft, they don to break apart when they fall apart.

But natural extensions don