How to get a permanent hair extension at Sally’s salon

When Sally’s Hair Extensions opened in 2014, the business was one of the few salons in town to offer a full-service hair restoration service.

The salon’s owner, Sally Williams, saw a need to bring her salon to a new level with permanent hair extensions.

She thought her customers would be more satisfied if they could use the services of a salon that would also perform full hair extensions and hair transplants.

Williams and her husband, Steve, opened Sally’s Salon on Broadway Street in 2014 and now, they’re expanding their services to include hair transplanted, hair transplant extensions, hair extensions that can be worn as hair, and hair extensions made to look like extensions.

Williams says the salon’s customers can now come in to have their hair transplated and then get a new look.

Hair transplants are a popular way for people to have a different look after their transplant surgery.

The hair is shaved off from the front and back of the head and the donor hair is taken to the sides of the scalp and transplanted into the recipient’s head.

Williams said people are coming in because they are looking for a quick fix and can’t find one that suits their style and needs.

She said some people have no idea that they have hair that needs to be transplanted.

She also said the transplants can be difficult to perform, and some customers might have difficulty getting the hair to grow back.

The first transplant of hair that Williams and her staff performed was on May 18, 2016, when she and her stylist, Stephanie M. Scholz, worked on the front of the patient’s head and inserted a hair transplant in the back of her head.

The hair transplant was so effective that the patient returned to work and didn’t have any problems.

Williams said that for the next few months, the salon performed two transplants per week, with one of them being the first one that was successful.

The next transplant of the same hair was performed on June 17, 2017, and the patients hair came back.

She said she and the staff felt great about the results, and they even felt a bit of pride that they did it with a patient who had been in a transplant and still needed the hair transplations.

She added that she’s confident in the salon and the people who work there.

Williams is hoping to expand her services and is planning on expanding her salon into a full salon in the coming months.