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    Hi girls! I need some ideas about how to make my tape hair extensions last longer. They look great right now, but I have been warned about proper care. So here I am! Can you share some tips? Thanks a lot!

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    Mary kelly

    Hey! I had some bad experience with tape hair extensions in the past and I learned one thing: keep heat away from your tapes! Of course you can use the curling iron or the straightener on your extensions, but don’t take the heat too close to that tape, whatever you do!

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    Carrie Thayer

    Hi Emily,
    Listed below are some ideas on how to extend the life of your tape hair extensions:

    1. Use the very best tape & best hair wefts you can afford. The better the tape & the hair, the better it will look & the longer it will last. Have the extensions professionally applied unless you have had a lot of experience applying tape wefts by yourself.
    2. Establish a daily care regime for your taped extensions. Adhere to the care regime religiously. One of the most common mistakes people with taped extensions make is to skip detangling extensions at least 2x a day. Yes, hair will shed when the extensions are detangled, but that’s why it’s so important to detangle first thing in the morning and before bed.
    3. Detangle properly by working on small strands, using a hair-friendly detangling tool and anchor tape with one hand while detangling with the other. Work from the ends up to the roots, avoiding the tape whenever possible. When in doubt ask your hair extension expert for advice and a quick HowTo Lesson in proper weft detangling.
    4. If hair gets overly tousled or tangling during the day, be sure to take time to gently detangle and rearrange. Knots are your worst enemy and when allowed to remain, can shorten the life of your tape extensions.
    5. Keep hair contained in a loose nape level pony or braid to minimize wear & tear when you don’t want to necessarily show of your extensions. The same is true about any type of long hair. Keep it up & out of the way minimizes ripping, tearing, snagging and unnecessary loss.
    6. Sleep with hair contained in a sleep cap or on a silk or satin pillowcase. Cotton pillowcases or other materials will cause unnecessary wear & tear.
    7. Cover your extensions in any type of sun or intense environmental exposure (rain, snow, ice). Don’t wear your hair extensions uncovered in an open air car or vehicle. You’re just asking for damage.
    8 Wash extensions only as often as necessary. Washing adds to the wear & tear factor which will wear the extensions out faster. When possible extend the time between shampoo treatments with a variety of powders lightly sprinkled at your roots or in dirty spots. For light hair use cornstarch. For darker hair try cocoa or cinnamon powder for red strands. Please NO baby powder unless it is 100% cornstarch based.
    9. Avoid the tape as much as possible when applying shampoo, conditioners or any styling products. Wash in lukewarm water only.
    10. Minimize unnecessary use of heat and avoid tape at all times.
    11. Only use cleansing and/or styling products your extension stylist suggests for your type of weft. Some styling products will leave deposits on wefts causing them to dull over time.
    12. Never attempt to take tape extensions out of your hair by yourself. You could wind up pulling out some of your own hair in the process.
    13. When in doubt about anything regarding your tape hair extensions, ask questions. This will help you discover tips to extend the life of your tape extensions.
    14. Have fun, enjoy your beautiful wefts and thank your extension expert for helping you to look gorgeous. :-)

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