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    My bff has had tape hair extensions for some weeks and I am jealous! She looks amazing. I would love to have them installed as
    well, but I am not sure this is the tight type for me… Any thoughts?

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    Audrey wood

    From my experience, I would advise you to stay away from tape hair extensions in case you have really fine hair and it normally is weak at the roots.

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    Carrie Thayer

    Tape extensions are created with double sided toupee and/or wig tape.

    The main reason tape extensions may not be viable for fine/thin hair is because the extensions might show through.

    Fine hair requires extensions which are either tied or sewn in with individual strands rather than wefts.

    Tape extensions are most commonly created using partial or full wefts of hair rather than individual strands.

    Of course considering the strength of the roots is important with any type of extensions. Any type of bonding can put pressure on the roots, not just tape.

    Before making any decision about whether to go with tape or not, consult with an expert.

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    Tape in hair extensions instructional videos. http://youtu.be/gPto6TE8rpI

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