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    Cameron has baby fine hair that she prefers to wear in a variety of blonde hues. Yes, she’s been ebony black (which many people didn’t love), chocolate brown and every shade of blonde from honey to platinum.

    Whenever possible the actress shuns any type of hair extensions. This is very unusual in the celebrity world where add-on hair is one of the major accessories.

    The reason that Cameron is not a fan of extensions is because she was forced (against her will) to wear them for her role in The Mask (1994) with very bad side effects.

    In an interview that Cameron gave in 1997 to Star Magazine she confided that the hair extensions she wore “were the worst thing in the entire world” and they actually made her scalp “bleed”. She told Star Magazine she was going to avoid them whenever possible in the future.

    Has Cameron stuck to this vow? Hardly. She wears hair extensions, but now she has the individual strand technique applied to her baby fine hair to avoid scalp damage. Reportedly she is also a fan of cold fusion extension applications.

    What do you think? Do you agree with Cameron’s reaction to a bad hair extension experience? Have hair extensions changed so much now that it is no longer a danger to have a bad hair extension experience?

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