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    I have some clip-in hair extensions I would like to start wearing, but I need to bleach them so they totally match my hair color. Is that safe to do? Thanks!

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    Jada price

    Yes, that is totally fine to do if your extensions are made of virgin human hair. Not if you have cheap ones, though. You should keep them as they are.

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    Carrie Thayer

    What Jada said.

    If your clip-ins are 100% human hair you should be able to bleach them.

    Remember to always do a patch test on a small area of the clip-in hair to see what happens when you lift the color.

    Also, you may want to check with the manufacturer before you lift the color.

    Some manufacturers, even of 100% human hair clip-ins, will advise against highlighting or bleaching. Others will give you the full green light.

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    bleaching, it weakens hair extensions.

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