Grace is on the hunt for a new hairstyle for her son

Grace, the 18-year-old girl who became a global celebrity for sharing her baby boy’s hair, has a new style she wants her daughter to embrace.

Grace is currently using hair extensions to extend her son’s long, straight locks.

While Grace says she does not have a plan to replace her hair extensions, she’s already started experimenting with the new style.

“I love it,” she says.

“It’s a little more natural than the regular, short hair, and it gives my son some of the personality he really needs.”

Grace has started experimenting and has noticed her daughter looking younger.

She says that she loves her son looking like his father, but that she has to give him a bit more of a break to do so.

“You’re getting a bit of a jump start, but it’s hard for him,” Grace says.

Her daughter Grace was just born last month, and she recently received her first haircut.

She hopes that Grace can be the inspiration for her daughter Grace’s son.

“When Grace is little, she really needs to have that dad look,” Grace’s mother, Susan, told ABC News.

“And now that she’s got a little bit more maturity, she has a little little bit of control.

And it’s really important to her that he’s not embarrassed to wear that.

She’s going to be able to wear it.

So she’s going, ‘Oh, I love my dad.’

And I’m going, Oh, I’m so glad!'”