1. What are clip-in hair extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions are an alternative to classic hair extensions, the difference is they have clips sewn onto the wefted hair. Clips allow them to be easily attached or removed. The advantage of clip-ins in comparison with classic extensions is that they produce minimum damage to your hair, or no damage at all if applied correctly. They can be easily applied and removed whenever you want, and blend perfectly with your real hair.


2. How do I attach them to my own hair?

The application process is very simple: take separate wefts with small snap clips and attach them under your hair, just as you do with regular hair clips. It’s recommended to do your back first, starting at the bottom, and then the sides. Clips are basically invisible, as they are attached to the interior of the wefts so they can’t be observed by others. You can style your extensions if you want. Clips used in hair extensions provide strong but flexible hold.


3. How long does it take to clip in my extensions?

Basically, it depends on the number of wefts you want to attach to your hair, but the application process usually takes about 5 minutes, and even less time to remove them. The more you practice wearing and applying your clip-in hair extensions, the faster you’ll get at clipping them on!


4. How long does my hair need to be for these clip-in extensions?

You’ll need about 6 inches hair length in order to secure extensions to your real hair and get that natural look.


5. How long will the extensions last?

Clip-in hair extensions usually need to be replaced every 1 – 5 months, but if you take care of them properly you can make them last longer. And if you seldom wear them you can get them to last about two years. Make sure you check other articles on our blog on how to make your clip-in hair extensions last longer.


6. What type of hair is used for clip-in hair extensions?

You can find clip-ins made of synthetic or 100% human hair. It’s recommended that you invest in a good set of human hair extensions because they blend easily with your real hair, look naturally, and can be styled in a variety of ways.


7. So what does Remy hair mean?

Remy hair is the best quality human hair on the market. In comparison with regular hair used in hair extensions, Remy hair is handpicked and individually arranged in the same direction of growing. This ensures that all cuticles are facing downwards, and hair doesn’t tangle and stays glossy. Remy hair is made only of the finest untreated and not previously colored hair. After hair is selected and arranged by Remy standards, it is professionally treated in order to ensure cuticles remain intact, and vigor and color are added to the hair. Remy hair is soft and shiny, so you won’t need to put special products into it for this.


8. What clips are used for the extensions?

Most clip-in hair extensions have secure rubber grips. They are sewn onto the back of the weft, so they are undetected by others. Clips are easy to apply or remove, they provide strong but flexible hold, and they’re light and small so that they’re comfortable to wear.


9. Can I style hair extensions?

Those made of 100% human hair can be styled just as you style your real hair. You can wash them, straighten them, curl them, blow dry them, and use hair styling products on them. If you want to make them last longer you should try to avoid styling them too much, using heat, and applying to much styling products on. If you want to straighten them you can wash them and let them air dry instead of using heat. If you want them wavy or curly you can use no-heat rollers in order to protect your hair extension. Synthetic hair extensions can’t be styled using curling or straightening irons.


10. How do I know which color is right for me?

You have to be very careful when selecting the color of your hair extensions because what you see on your computer screen might not be accurate. High quality human hair extensions usually have undertones added to their composition so that they blend in with lighter and darker shades. Make sure you understand all conditions of your hair extensions supplier before your purchase your hair extensions. Some of them have exchange policies where you can return the extensions if they don’t match your color and receive ones that do. Some hair extensions providers can advice you for the best match you send them a photo of your real hair.


11. Can I color the extensions?

Yes, you can color your extensions if they’re made of 100% human hair. The best advice is to rather darken than lighten your extensions. Bleached hair is more sensitive, so you should be very careful in such cases. However, if you really need to color your extensions you should ask your hairstylist for this in order to get the best results. Some hair extensions providers can custom color them in exchange of an extra sum. You should also know that you can’t return colored extensions.


12. Can I wash and blow dry hair extensions? How?

Yes, you can wash and blow dry your extensions if they’re made of human hair. It’s recommended to wash them every 15 – 20 wears, or more often if you apply a lot of styling products to them. When washing, use shampoo and conditioner to keep your extensions clean and hydrated. It’s recommended that you don’t blow dry your extensions too often, but let them air dry instead. Make sure you check other articles on our blog on how to style your extensions.


13. What can I do with my extensions on?

You can do pretty much anything: you can play sports, take steam baths, run, climb, or wear them in any weather. However, you shouldn’t wear them while swimming, showering or sleeping because they can get very tangled.


14. What is the difference between various extensions weights?

You can find hair extensions weighing between 90 g and 160 g. Extensions that weigh more are fuller, they have more volume, and probably are longer. Same length extensions can weigh differently: those that weigh less have less hair, and can look patchy.