Brazilian hair extension launches in the US

Brazilian hair extensions are now available in the United States.

The company behind the Brazilian hair extension, Fusion, announced that it will be launching the product in the first quarter of 2018.

The Brazilian hair hair extension was developed by the Brazilian Hair Institute (BII) and the Brazilian government.

The product is designed to give the hair a more natural look by giving it a thicker and fuller texture.

The hair extensions also come with a special treatment to keep the hair soft and soft and frizzy.

Fusion offers the hair extensions in two styles: one with a longer tube that allows the user to extend the length of the hair while the other one is more compact, short and narrow.

Fusion also sells hair extensions for men, women and teens.

In addition to the hair extension products, Fusion also offers a range of hair products including hair extensions with pomade, hairspray, and hair products.

Fusion will be offering the products in the following categories: facial hair, facial hair extensions and hair accessories.

The launch of the products comes a few months after Fusion launched its new hair product, the Brazilian Beauty.

The new hair products are available for men and women.

The Hair Products Fusion and Beauty are available on for $24.99 each.

Fusion has been a leading provider of hair and beauty products in Brazil for more than a decade.