Color your hair to match your personality

Elle is one of the authorities in fashion and hair, so when it says something about the link between hair color and personality, I usually tend to read it carefully. According to a study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, men believe in stereotypes, namely that brunettes are approachable, blondes need a knight to save them from whatever problems they might encounter and redheads are conceited.


Does Your Hairstyle Match Your Personality

When even a diva like Dita von Teese wishes to look like a Victoria’s Secret model, you know there is no chance for ordinary women to feel the glam that surrounds supermodels! However, if you are a confident, sexy woman who likes to emphasize her curves and show off her best assets, a bubbly personality is what defines you and the entire world is your runway, why not enjoy a hairstyle that matches your inner topmodel?